Brussels Sprouts

These air fryer Brussels sprouts are a quick, easy, and nutrient-dense side dish, perfect for any occasion! They’re cooked with olive oil and simple seasonings, then finished off with a bright, citrusy marinade. With a crispy exterior and tender center, this recipe is about to become your new go-to for family and holiday gatherings!


Begin by preheating your air fryer. Each model varies, so ensure you’re familiar with your own. We've found that giving it 3-5 minutes to warm up makes all the difference in achieving that perfect crispy exterior.


After thoroughly washing and drying your Brussels sprouts, trim off any tough bases and remove any wilted outer leaves. We recommend cutting them in half (or even quarters) for even cooking and maximum crispiness.


In a large bowl, mix the Brussels sprouts with olive oil, salt, and pepper, coating them evenly. The better the coat, the more flavor-packed each bite will be!


Transfer your Brussels sprouts to the air fryer basket, keeping them in a single layer without too much overlapping. If your basket is on the smaller side, fry them in batches. This ensures even cooking and optimal crispiness. Trust us, patience here pays off!


While the sprouts are cooking, whisk together the lemon-garlic marinade ingredients. This blend of tangy, sweet, and savory flavors will elevate your sprouts to a gourmet level. Once the Brussels sprouts are crispy and browned, toss them with the sauce mixture in a bowl. Serve them immediately while hot with your favorite mains. Happy eating!


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