Vegan Chorizo

Vegan chorizo is a spicy, meaty, and savory recipe that will leave you in disbelief to find out it’s completely plant-based! TVP, dried chiles, and bold spices come together for an unbelievably versatile dish. Serve it in tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tamales, and more.


Stem and seed the ancho chiles, then soak them in a pot of hot water until they’re soft and pliable. By properly rehydrating the chiles, you can achieve a smoother blending process.


In a dry skillet over low-medium heat, toast the whole coriander seeds until fragrant. Toasting spices before blending helps amplify their flavors. Once toasted, add them to the blender along with the soaked chiles, other spices, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, and water. Mix everything until it’s smooth.


Pour the chile mixture through a mesh strainer to remove any leftover bits, then heat the coconut oil in a large skillet. Sauté the garlic until it’s fragrant, then add the TVP and half the spicy marinade. By gradually adding the marinade, you allow the TVP to soak up all the flavors. Once it’s absorbed, add the rest of the marinade and finish cooking your vegan chorizo until no liquid remains. Happy eating!


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